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Raw sausage

Recent news

New fat-free sausage

Jan 4, 2008

Munich, Germany - German butcher develops nearly fat-free sausage

Sausage in new exotic flavors

Jan 3, 2008

Berlin - New exotic types of sausage: Flavors ranging from kiwi,  maraschino  cherry, lemon and even aloe vera.


Cervelat, also spelled Zervelat or Servelat (from Latin cerebellum, meaning brain, via Italian cervellata), is a German or Swiss sausage originally made of pork and brain. Brain is no longer included today.

The German variety is a raw sausage made of minced pork, beef and bacon, all seasoned, salted and cold smoked for one day. The Swiss variety, however, is a cooked sausage made of ten parts minced beef, bacon and pork rind, and eight parts ice. It is slightly smoked and then boiled.


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