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Cooked Sausage

Recent news

New fat-free sausage

Jan 4, 2008

Munich, Germany - German butcher develops nearly fat-free sausage

Sausage in new exotic flavors

Jan 3, 2008

Berlin - New exotic types of sausage: Flavors ranging from kiwi,  maraschino  cherry, lemon and even aloe vera.



Liverwurst is an anglicisation of the German Leberwurst (Dutch leverworst, Finnish maksamakkara), literally meaning "liver sausage".

Liverwurst is a typical sausage served in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. The sausage is usually made with pork. Only about 10-20 % of the sausage is actually pork liver, which is enough to give it a distinctive liver taste. Other ingredients are meat, fat and some other organs. Many regions in Germany have their own recipes for Liverwurst, often adding ingredients like pieces of onion or bacon. Braunschweiger is a spreadable liver sausage that is sometimes called liverwurst, or just liver sausage in North America.

Though the name Kalbsleberwurst translates as "calf liver sausage", it normally contains pigs' livers rather than calves'. It must contain veal.

Liverwurst is often served in North America in sandwiches, customarily served with red onion and mustard on a rye or whole grain bread.


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