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New fat-free sausage

Jan 4, 2008

Munich, Germany - German butcher develops nearly fat-free sausage

Sausage in new exotic flavors

Jan 3, 2008

Berlin - New exotic types of sausage: Flavors ranging from kiwi,  maraschino  cherry, lemon and even aloe vera.

New fat-free sausage

Nearly fat-free sausage ready for the markets

Munich - More and more people are facing weight-problems while there is an increasing trend for health-conscious living. Now,  with the invention of  fat-free sausage,  german butcher Joseph P. hits exactly both spirit of age and trouble spot.


Development in one and a half year

Fat-free sausage sounds like an oxymoron, but German food researchers and the butcher have come up with a recipe for it. But the real question is how the new wieners taste. "It contains only two and a half percent fat, but it's tasty, nevertheless" says the inventor.


One and a half year ago, the first tries in the butcher's kitchen completely flopped: "They were like chewing gum", remembers  the butcher. But after a few more attempts, the results started tasting better, and Joseph P. joined some researchers from Fraunhofer Institute, one of the leading german research organizations. Since that time, the team has improved the taste further on and developed nearly fat-free recipes for a whole spectrum of German sausage varieties.


Groundbreaking Capabilities

The capabilities of this innovation are huge, because there is an annual consumption of approximately 1,5 billion tons of sausage, only for germany. The daily suggested amount of fat is already accomplished with 200g of a typical sausage, for example - so the invention of nearly fat-free sausage is really groundbreaking for improving health-conscious nutrition.

Manfred Mustermann